A mental health and well-being platform

Happiness is a state we all want, yet remains the most elusive. The ever emerging question, “Can we choose to be happy and feel upbeat about life?” holds a central place in the birth of The Mind Diaries (TMD).

Hello! I’m a Seema Kumar Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Her understanding of the importance of mental health and well-being does not come from bookish knowledge but rather from her own experiences in life.

With 34 solid years of journalism at her core, Seema has worked with some of the biggest names like The Patriot, The Sunday Mail and the Hindustan Times. Taking bold decisions that inspire change is one thing that Seema never shies away from. So she took the entrepreneurial route in 2015 when she started her own media company, 90CAPS Media.

With immense passion and secured wisdom, The Mind Diaries is her newest baby, and she is beyond thrilled to watch it grow and inspire the masses!


Our Magazine

The Mind Diaries is a bi-monthly mental health and well-being online magazine. The magazine is available digitally and in print, in English and with some pages in Hindi. We intend to soon come out with an entire edition in Hindi. We value ​honesty, credibility, transparency and expertise.

Inaugural Issue

We were all just recovering from Covid, coming to terms with the havoc the pandemic had wreaked in our lives. Therefore it was but natural to come out with a Covid Special with Ruskin Bond on the cover.

Men’s Special

Everyone talks about women in the month of March. We decided to ask Michelin-star chef Vikas Khanna about wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

Women’s Special

How better to salute the grit and determination of women than by featuring two achievers on the cover: bestselling author Meghna Pant and India’s only woman Blues singer Tipriti Kharbangar.

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