‘Climate anxiety led me to write The Man Who Lost India’

Seema Kumar Seth is the richest man in town who wants to get his extremely beautiful daughter Ida married off to Harsh Shah, who holds a National Identification Card. And what is the significance of that. Well, it is because Meghna Pant’s new book The Man Who Lost India, set in 2032, talks about India […]

‘Open the door – and keep it open!’

Anxiety that exists in the atmosphere of workplace needs attention too Anshu Arora Just when the world continues to think and even worry about climate anxiety, I wish to draw your attention through this article towards a different kind of anxiety I have been dealing with as a professional. As an Executive coach, when I […]

‘United we win’

Chandrashekhar Ojha Visiting a friend’s place a few years ago, I witnessed a heated debate between his daughter and wife on the girl’s desire to join one of her friend’s family for a small trip. The mother was not very comfortable about sending the teenager with a family barely known to them, but the daughter […]

‘Be the change’

A good way to begin the journey of change would be to take a leaf or two from our very own ancestors and traditional and indigenous wisdom. With all the talk of climate change, there is none untouched. And that is exactly why each of us needs to do our bit. Shital Ravi Climate change […]

‘Climate, development, and gender’

Did you know they are all inter-related? Pragya Sikka Development – What comes to your mind when you hear this word? Highways? Roads? Infrastructure? More often than not, these are the spontaneous responses I receive from the youth groups I engage with. Because this is a narrative that mainstream media has propagated. Rights and access […]

‘At a knife’s edge’

Shradhya Verma “Shradhya, what do you want to be when you grow up?” “I want to be an astronaut!” “Shradhya, Where do you see yourself in the future?” … “Future?” How do we label the sense of imminent doom, the paralysis beneath our feet and the pulsing and thudding abyss within our chest? What term […]

‘Unlocking the potential of diet in the face of climate change’

Imagine a world where every meal you eat not only nourishes your body but also heals the planet. In the throes of climate change, understanding the power of a proper diet isn’t just about staying healthy, it’s a crucial part of the solution. Rashmi Bhatia Today we explore the intimate connection between our dietary choices […]

‘Hard-hitting yet inspirational film’

Arnab Banerjee In To Kill a Tiger, director Nisha Pahuja captures a compelling tale of injustice and resilience in rural Jharkhand. With evocative cinematography and a stirring score, this Netflix-distributed film is a powerful call to action, challenging viewers to stand against deep-seated injustices and fight for what’s right. To Kill a Tiger Writer and […]

‘Weathering the storm’

Sharad Kohli …….. How we can cope with and heal from climate anxiety Climate anxiety is as pressing a matter as any so is it any wonder, then, that it can, literally, cloud our thinking and leave us dispirited and paralysed as we try to go about our daily lives?  There is plenty in the […]

‘Staying cool in this hot mess: Coping with climate anxiety’

Namrata Kilpady ……… A few months ago, my cousin gifted me a bottle containing what I thought was apricot juice. The liquid inside was of a cheerful orangish-yellow hue. As I gleefully grabbed it, ready to unscrew the cap and take a swig, she squealed, “Noooo…! That’s a homemade bioenzyme for cleaning your home!” “A […]