Mental health matters for men too!

Shital Ravi “It takes more courage to reveal insecurities than to hide them, more strength to relate to people than to dominate them, more ‘manhood’ to abide by thought-out principles rather than blind reflex. Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles and an immature mind.”  – Alex Karras, athlete, actor, and author. […]

Mental health and support for parents of children with autism

Neeti Pherwani So, your child has been diagnosed with autism/ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), and you have been trying to rationalise, get intervention and also trying to help your child? You want to enjoy watching your child grow, explore and learn, but knowing the challenges they may face also creates a fear within you. How can […]

He for she

Anshu Arora We have many men in our lives. From our father to our brothers, to siblings and sons. Then the many more we meet and the partner we find. All these men are different from each other: the alphas and the gammas and the whatnots. I have met various of these species, especially at […]

Learning to move forward

Anshu Arora What do you tell a young girl who got married in February, whose life partner just flies off in December, straight into the arms of death? What do you tell the parents of a 30-year old young handsome man who has to give fire to the funeral pyre of their own son? Or […]

Seeking new knowledge to scale new horizons

Shital Ravi One of the happy hormones, dopamine, gets released when we do things that make us feel good or after the completion of tasks… What better way to increase dopamine than to take up new learning tasks regularly and taking it to completion to feel rewarded and happy? The ‘Nasadeeya Sukta’ of Rigveda has […]

Six yards of mental health awareness

Samindara Sawant Mental health awareness, writing, and sarees … When you have passions as discrete as these three, how do you bring them together? Hashtags to the rescue! When I started my Instagram account a few years ago, I wanted to use it primarily as a platform to spread awareness about mental health, at least […]

It’s never too late to heal

Photo: Puwadon Sang-ngern/ Imagine a five-year-old enjoying their growing years (oblivious of the complexities of the world and the intentions of those around), trying to absorb as much as possible, learning as much as offered, going with the flow of life, full of curiosity and then suddenly there is a jolt/halt. The child does not […]

“I did not divorce my daughter”

Divorce is not an easy decision to take, especially when there is a child involved. But sometimes it is crucial for everyone’s well-being. So how does one strike a balance and give the child the love she/he deserves despite the parents getting separated? Here is how to do it with grace and respect. Anshu Arora […]

Helping parents deal with gadget stress

Shital Ravi It is a well-documented fact that the pandemic left numerous issues in its wake, due to the various problems that were faced at the personal, health and mental health, educational, professional, societal as well as global level. Looking back one remembers that the educational institutions and teachers, at least in the urban areas, […]

Finance and mental health

Veena Singh Krishnan Human beings are the only species with rational thinking and decision-making powers. We can also be self-centred to only benefit our self more than others, more so, when we are insecure or going through negative life events or threats. Since we are humans, emotions are a part of our existence. These emotions […]