Of healing words

Of healing words

Sneha Devaskar

This poem was written when I was totally broken in life. Escape seemed like the only option. No amount of external reassurance and support would help me. Life seemed unbearable. That is when this poem came as a download from the soul. It told me who I am – an ancient tree with roots so strong, it can face any storm. It has taught me to be patient. The way to live through that moment is to just keep breathing and trusting the fact that times would change.

This poem has taught me a lot about reassurance. Reassurance is a powerful tool – like the gold filling that mends a broken vase. The scars remain but the shine is golden. I have learnt that reassurance can come from any source. You need to take support when required. There would also be days when you need to reassure yourself. You must be accepting of both; just make sure you are there for yourself always. And most importantly, believe and keep telling yourself that this too shall pass. 

It’s amazing how I am living better days and sharing the tale of these dark moments. I dedicate this poem to anyone who is finding it tough to navigate through life at this point in time. Trust me, it gets better after you’ve hit rock bottom. The only way is out and upwards.

Stand Tall

Running away isn’t the option darling,

Weeping your heart out also isn’t.

The only way out is through. 

Go through it, deal with it,

Face it with a face tall.

Stand before the storm

Like the calm before the storm.

Let it pass; let it break you.

But you stand there 

Like an ancient tree 

With dark, dense roots. 

The leaves may sway,

The flowers may wither;

The roots will stay. 

Clench them for a moment

And let loose the next.

They will stand their ground

And hold you in place. 

The storm will subside

And the sun will shine.

Leaves will grow 

And flowers will bloom

And fruits will bear.

This too shall pass.


This too shall pass.



At the end of it all,

You’re still going to be alone.

No matter how many people surround you, 

How much they say, they love you

The fact is that at the end of it all,

It’s only going to be you. 

Why wait till the end?

It is here, right here, 

In this moment!

Take a breath

And you’d realize 

The whole game is yours–

You’re the loser.

But if you think of it,

You can also be the sole winner.

They’d teach you, man is a social animal

And you need to let society

Mark your territory;

But that’s just their way
Of expanding their territory

And barging into yours.

Hold, my girl.

Take control of your life. 

If you were born alone 

And you’ll die alone,

Why then do you want another?

Companionship is good,

But alone is awesome,

If you teach yourself,

Alone is awesome,

Alone would indeed be awesome.

Take this chance,

C’mon, take charge. 

Sometimes you gotta swim,

Sometimes you gotta fly, 

Sometimes you just gotta

Stand on your two feet

And just breathe.

I had written this poem some years ago when a dear friend of mine lost her husband, at a very young age. She was destroyed, clueless of what to do with life. To top it, there was a lot of pressure from close family on what she ought to do and what not. Most importantly, they tried to design her life their way and even when she felt like embracing joy for a moment, they’d remind her of how much sorrow she has to tackle with. It was a tough time for her and I didn’t have words to reassure her in her presence. That is when I wrote this poem. 

Nothing can change what a spouse means to us, especially when the bond is deep. However, we are all at the end of the day alone. People ought to only be welcome additions to our life. Of course, we need a companion to get through. No one can deal with our pain and life’s turbulence on our behalf. Having a person to connect with just makes it a tad bit easier; there is a shoulder to rest upon. But if that is gone, we should not let our lives be controlled by others around us. It may be tough to practice but we ought to find that strength in ourselves. There would be times when things would be hazy. In such moments, we only need to breathe. Every moment is passing, and we are eventually moving towards the place we are meant to be.