Nursing sporting dreams back to health

From helping them to concentrate better, to developing resilience and channelising energies well, there is so much sport does for children Sharad Kohli Photo: RODNAE Production/ As a child coming to grips with the delights of sport, there’s little more satisfying than pitching the perfect leg-break or finding the bat’s sweet spot; or, connecting ball […]

How online classes got us off track

Aditri Misra I still remember the first time I heard about Covid. I was in Class 5, and we were enjoying the last few days of the semester, after our finals were over. The teachers wanted to keep us quiet, and so they told us to write about ‘Covid’ and what precautions to take against […]

My yoga journey

Prachi Raturi Misra I was surprised but I actually understood some parts when Helsinki described his injuries. Yes, I was watching ‘Money Heist’ unabashedly transfixed to the series. For the ‘Money Heist’ untouched, a thrilling series on Netflix, this one is an edge of the seat watch. That I had come back from a three-week […]

Mental health’s struggle to finally gain visibility and acceptance

The pandemic brought with it enough anguish and suffering that was hard to dismiss. People had no choice but to finally accept and acknowledge that mental health is an important issue that needs immediate attention. Namrata Gupta The last two and a half years have been unsettling, disturbing and nerve-wracking for us all. Globally, the […]