Coping with (M)otherhood

Involuntary childlessness or childless by circumstance is a concept that is alien and not easily understood by people, save for those who endure it Abhilasha Ojha ‘Our stories aren’t often told, our experience isn’t honoured and our contribution to the lives of others is often under-appreciated.’ – Jody Day, author, and champion of childless by […]

Mental health’s struggle to finally gain visibility and acceptance

The pandemic brought with it enough anguish and suffering that was hard to dismiss. People had no choice but to finally accept and acknowledge that mental health is an important issue that needs immediate attention. Namrata Gupta The last two and a half years have been unsettling, disturbing and nerve-wracking for us all. Globally, the […]

Are millennial memes the road to mental health conversations?

Neeti Pherwani The perfect fluffiness made me a proud baking mama. I was standing in the kitchen at 4 pm, having just baked a bunch of cinnamon rolls in between several work calls, holding a half-eaten piece in my hand and admiring the perfection of flavour and texture in my first attempt with it. What […]