Giving wings to dreams

The story of Dr Jitender Aggarwal, a successful dentist who got afflicted by macular degeneration of the retina, which leads to blindness and how he set a successful social enterprise riding on faith Prachi Raturi Misra Days merged into nights and the phone, it didn’t stop ringing. With two dental clinics to manage in West […]

Six yards of mental health awareness

Samindara Sawant Mental health awareness, writing, and sarees … When you have passions as discrete as these three, how do you bring them together? Hashtags to the rescue! When I started my Instagram account a few years ago, I wanted to use it primarily as a platform to spread awareness about mental health, at least […]

Nursing sporting dreams back to health

From helping them to concentrate better, to developing resilience and channelising energies well, there is so much sport does for children Sharad Kohli Photo: RODNAE Production/ As a child coming to grips with the delights of sport, there’s little more satisfying than pitching the perfect leg-break or finding the bat’s sweet spot; or, connecting ball […]

Compassion fatigue in dog behaviourists

With little or no awareness on the subject of the mental health of a dog behaviourist, any discussion around it is likely to find little credence among laypersons Namratha Rao In 2014, Sophia Yin, a world-renowned dog behaviourist and veterinarian, a pioneer of positive dog training methods and an inspiration in the dog training world, […]

Finance and mental health

Veena Singh Krishnan Human beings are the only species with rational thinking and decision-making powers. We can also be self-centred to only benefit our self more than others, more so, when we are insecure or going through negative life events or threats. Since we are humans, emotions are a part of our existence. These emotions […]