Nursing sporting dreams back to health

From helping them to concentrate better, to developing resilience and channelising energies well, there is so much sport does for children Sharad Kohli Photo: RODNAE Production/ As a child coming to grips with the delights of sport, there’s little more satisfying than pitching the perfect leg-break or finding the bat’s sweet spot; or, connecting ball […]

Helping parents deal with gadget stress

Shital Ravi It is a well-documented fact that the pandemic left numerous issues in its wake, due to the various problems that were faced at the personal, health and mental health, educational, professional, societal as well as global level. Looking back one remembers that the educational institutions and teachers, at least in the urban areas, […]

Dance your way to better health – physically and mentally

Sucheta Das Mohapatra Very few people were left unaffected by the second wave of COVID-19. Dance and other arts forms came as a saviour for those who went through terrible lows during that time. Dancing lets me feel free! Years of being a doctor had made me stoic and well-versed with hiding emotions. Odissi brought […]

Dealing with COVID induced grief and loss

Samindara Sawant Growing up, we had only heard stories of apocalypse. The COVID-19 pandemic gave us an actual taste of it. None of us ever thought we would, in our lifetime, experience a pandemic of this proportion. A disaster that would bring the world to a standstill, and make humanity fall on its knees. Yet, […]

Mental health’s struggle to finally gain visibility and acceptance

The pandemic brought with it enough anguish and suffering that was hard to dismiss. People had no choice but to finally accept and acknowledge that mental health is an important issue that needs immediate attention. Namrata Gupta The last two and a half years have been unsettling, disturbing and nerve-wracking for us all. Globally, the […]