Sharad Kohli, Journalist

The Mind Diaries answers an urgent need in the publishing space, that of a magazine dedicated to shining a light on mental health, and covering topics on, around, and related to our psychological well-being. And what a wonderful role it is playing in making us more aware of the importance of ensuring our emotional stability, through the lives and experiences of others, across livelihoods and careers. I wish The Mind Diaries all the very best in its future endeavours!

Sunita Tewari, Journalist

The Mind Diaries is a very nice magazine. When I started reading it I got all the answers to all my queries. It’s a way for anyone to enjoy and learn.

Rajesh Sharma, intrepid trekker, music enthusiast, voracious reader and much more

In a world grappling with escalating mental health challenges, your work encourages discussions on these vital issues, shatters stigmas, dismantles taboos, fosters conversations and empowers individuals to seek help without fear. Your efforts lead to a crucial path towards healing and understanding.