Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

The core of TMD emerges from the belief that mental health matters and we want to showcase just how much! 

We set out with the vision to ​become a powerful voice for mental health awareness and knowledge while creating an ecosystem that fosters beautiful minds.

What better way to pursue this goal than by normalising mental health issues, break the stigma around seeking help and bring alive stories of hope? Hence, we set out with a mission to raise awareness about mental health, encourage/help people reach out for help and bring about a much needed positive impact to the society we live in.

The Mind Diaries is a bi-monthly mental health and well-being online magazine. The magazine is available digitally and in print, in English and with some pages in Hindi. We intend to soon come out with an entire edition in Hindi. We value ​honesty, credibility, transparency and expertise.

The range of stories serve the dual purpose of starting a long overdue conversation around mental health in a non-threatening manner, as well as serve as an outstretched hand to those struggling with similar issues, with the hope to inspire them to open up and seek treatment.

Because we very strongly believe that Healthy in Mind is Healthy in Body!