How seeking help helped me

Siddique Shaikh  I grew up in a large joint family with a business background in manufacturing and retail of footwear in Mumbai.  Living in a joint family has its own benefits as you grow up with a stronger emotional bond with your cousins, uncles and aunts until the time for property distribution arrives. God has […]

Mental health and support for parents of children with autism

Neeti Pherwani So, your child has been diagnosed with autism/ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), and you have been trying to rationalise, get intervention and also trying to help your child? You want to enjoy watching your child grow, explore and learn, but knowing the challenges they may face also creates a fear within you. How can […]

How an acting workshop helped me uncover my own ‘truth’

An impulsive decision to join ‘Actor’s Truth’ helped this writer in discovering acting tools that turned into ‘grief-healing tools’ for her Nandini Kumar The past few years have been a roller-coaster ride for me – personally and professionally. Finding the right therapist helped me in identifying what life was throwing at me. Consistent talk therapy […]